The Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

In today’s climate of increased nutritional awareness, more and more people are turning away from modified artificial ingredients and seeking natural alternatives for their daily diets. And in the land of sweeteners, science has spoken: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Maple Syrup is one of the healthiest ways you can keep it happy.

The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers and Agri-Food Canada recently funded a research study to get the scientific lowdown about the health benefits and specific immunity-boosting properties of this delicious golden liquid. The study revealed that the benefits of Maple Syrup for human health and nutrition far surpass what had been previously suspected. Among the findings:

The highly concentrated tree sap from which Maple Syrup is derived is the very life blood of the Maple tree. Antioxidant components are produced due to the sap being found just below the bark when it is exposed to the sun. Not only does Maple Syrup have a higher nutritional value than all the other common sweeteners, but it also has one of the lowest calorie levels, and contains no additives, artificial or genetically modified ingredients.

What it really all means is that Maple Syrup might just be the new superfood on the block.

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